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Modern Data Center Essentials FastTrack Bootcamp

June 18, 2016 - Milpitas, CA

  • Learn about Data Center fundamental building blocks and technologies
  • Get the big picture first, fast
  • Increase familiarity with key terms
  • Discover current and emerging trends
  • Recognize key players
  • Gain market perspective
  • Get overview of partners and the ecosystem
  • Why Attend
  • Application developers will gain better understanding of underlying infrastructure and will be able to better articulate App requirements in new upcoming DevOps , Bimodal IT (mode1, mode2) models.
  • Developers and QA Engineers will be ready to adopt new trends and paradigms and will be able to quickly come up with better framework, design, development and test methodologies
  • Sysadmins/DevOps Engineers can pick up new projects and responsibilities in their company as these new trends start to role out
  • Sales Professionals new to the Datacenter space will recognize understand value propositions and appreciate the architectural/ecosystem view
  • Product Managers and Marketers benefit from expanded business and market knowledge in Datacenter segment
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    IGNITE Your Career!

    Tech Career Counseling Event for Grads

    June 18, 2016 - Milpitas, CA

  • Learn about available career paths
  • Get clarity on different job roles
  • Understand current and emerging technology trends
  • Discover current and emerging trends
  • Understand what employers are looking for
  • Know what projects or activities to take up
  • Become aware of popular certifications
  • Jumpstart your career with clear plan of action
  • Cloud, Virtualization, Containers
  • Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science
  • Data Center, Compute, Storage, Network, SDN
  • Security, Cyber Security, Threat Defense
    Select ONE of the following sessions
  • Morning: 9:30 am to 11:30 am
  • After Noon: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
  • Evening: 3:30 to 5:30 pm
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    we are your
    preferred IT partner

    We provide consulting, training and professional services in the areas of Data Center, Cloud, Security, Big Data and Analytics.

    Technology Consulting

    Modern Technologies bring many benefits but enterprises are challenged in embracing these technologies because of the rapid change and complexity involved in implementing these technologies. Inadeqaute in-house skills limit enterprises in taking swift decisions in thier projects. We have the right expertise and experience to help enterprise with the necessary consulting and guidance to successfully implement transformation projects and embrace modern technologies to gain sustainable competitive advantage.


    Training is essential for individual as well as organizational development. Surveys indicate that most of the Fortune 500 companies spend significant amount of time and money on employee training and development. Given this era of rapid tectonic shifts in IT technologies, a bare minimum step an IT professional can take is to get trained in modern technologies, to stay relevant and employable in this competitive space. We provide classroom style training for groups of individuals at select locations in Silicon Valley. We also provide training for enterprises at thier chosen locations.

    Professional Services

    Many enterprises are adopting a dual-vendor or multi-vendor strategy to avoid lock-in to a particular technology/vendor and to minimize the risk of service disruptions and exposure in the event of failures. Enterprises are in need of IT partners who can successfully implement a multi-vendor strategy. We have the right experience with many leading vendors, to deliver end-to-end projects. Our professional services include assessment, implementation, systems integration, technology/vendor recommendation, customizations etc.


    To empower IT professionals with modern technologies by making the technologies easily comprehensible and consumable

    • Transformation

      Enable IT professionals and enterprises to embrace transformation and help them disrupt themselves before they get disrupted.

    • Customer First

      We strive to provide best value to our clients by adopting a customer first mentality in every engagement

    • Framework Thinking

      We adopt framework thinking as our core principle to help comprehend, analyze and consume modern technologies


    Cloud is no longer a trend, it's a day-to-day phenomenon. Cloud is delivering real benefits to enterprises of all sizes. We help enterprises to cloudify their businesses so that enterprises can embrace cloud. We have expertise in on-premises private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and hosted cloud models.

    Web 3.0

    Building scalable and secure websites using modern technologies like Microservices, Containers and Virtual Machines (VMs). Domain name procurement and hosting on Cloud. Content Managemen Systems like Wordpress, Drupal. Building and maintaining connected communities, like HOA websites, Classroom, Education, Non-profit, Blogs etc.


    Security is a top priority for every enterprise today. Security shouldn't be an after thought, and security should be pervasive, at every level in the organization. We specialize in securing your applications, infrastructure, servers, people and processes so that you can be compliant and minimize risk and exposure in the event of compromise.


    Virtualization started with server consolidation, providing real tangible benefits to enterprises by consolidating numerous physical servers to a handful of virtual servers aka virtual machines (VMs). Virtualization expanded to network and storage technologies as well. We help enterprises adopt virtualization and we specialize in all leading virtualization vendors.